Managing Your Thoughts

Managing Your Thoughts Part 2 of a 3 part series

By Alys Sadler

Here’s how:

  1.       See the thoughts moving along in the sky of your mind, see them as a cloud with a word or a message, and let go of attachment to any of them – no judgement.

       2.       As they pass by, you can pick the one upon which you                  choose to think.  

       3.      Bring that thought cloud into your mind and continue to              allow other thoughts to keep moving in the sky of your                      mind and focus only on the thought cloud you chose.

        4.      Bring that chosen thought into your conscious                                 awareness and focus only on that thought – don’t allow                     your mind to expand on that thought and don’t pick any                 other thought cloud passing by – let them go, stay                               focused – take control!

          5.      Now, see the chosen thought in your mind without                        judgement. You frequent the thought often but my guess                is you judge it and that takes your thought away into                          more depth of more thought. Stop right there!

           6.      Gather back the thought cloud and keep focus on it.                    Bear in mind it is not good nor is it bad. It’s only a thought.

 Love and light 

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