Networking Know-how

Networking Know-how Part 2 of a 2 part series

By Alys Sadler

How to network…

may depend on how long you’ve been looking for a job, what type of job you’re looking for and if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on looking for the right job right now. If that’s the case and you need a job to generate income, the quickest way is through jobs like Uber or Doordash, and hey, you never know who you’ll meet networking through either of those types of jobs – right?

 Ideas for networking…

include of course LinkedIn and joining groups there. The types of groups within organizations or people you want to work around. And don’t forget to post within these groups so that you can be seen. Then, when you reach out to someone to message or friend them, they have an idea of who you are – Bingo! There’s a contact.

Other ways…

are to volunteer. As a volunteer, you learn about the organization, the people, clients, and the business from the inside. If that doesn’t fit your job type, then consider an informational interview. Done right, you never know how that will turn out. You may find out about job opportunities opening in the future within that organization, or they may know about openings within competing companies.

An informational interview does have a protocol if you decide to do one, you’ll want to do it correctly. I have another blog on informational interviewing so read over that or you can email me…

 Here are some other tips:

        Prepare your Elevator Pitchthis is number one! There’s nothing worse than a job seeker bumbling over their words when trying to describe themselves and what they’re looking for.

–     Let people know you are looking for a new job. Set a goal. Try to talk with at least 3 people each week, then add on and make it 5 people.

 –         Get as much information as you can from other people – ask questions about their ideas for job search.

 –         Get referrals. You can contact your friends and family and ask them if they can refer you to anyone who can help you expand your contact list.

 –         Social settings. When you’re in a place where there are people, you can bring up the subject that you are looking for a new position. Try asking them about their job and how they found it.

 –         Giving back. If you’re in a social environment or know someone else in your place, share with them what you’ve learned. It’s interesting when you help others, the help you seek comes to you.

You can do this. Stay positive. Stay grateful. That which is yours will not pass you by.


Love and light,

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