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This program can be used for resume review and edit your existing resume. At the time of completion, you will be able to review the resume and make a one-time change. 

Includes a 30-minute consultation as well as a professional cover letter.


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This program is designed to prepare you with not just the answers to ‘the most frequently asked’ interview questions but for specific types of interviews including the psychology of delivering the answers to interview questions. This training initially takes about two hours to go through for a candidate. 


When working over a period of a month or more the training includes the construction of the Elevator Speech, how to use a P.A.R. Statement in your delivery, Voice and Diction, and Body Language/Demeanor. 

Performance in an interview takes practice. How long it takes a candidate to learn these skills is individual. Above is an affordable way to work together over time that will allow you to ‘perform’ fluidly in the interview. This takes practice and it is my recommendation that you start early and give yourself enough time to practice and memorize what you will learn. 

These services do not guarantee an interview for employment or job placement.