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Master Resume Writing and Design:
Develop Your Personal Brand

Your ‘Brand’ Strategy Beginning With The Resume Design

Because the Resume Gets the Interview
And the Interview Gets the Dream Job Offer!

So, we begin with the resume custom designed for you that tells the story of what you can do for the company, every Hiring Manager’s dream candidate.

A Resume Design that ‘Brands’ the candidate gets attention.
Using key words that are SEO and ATS compliant will move your resume through an Applicant Tracking System ensuring your resume will be seen.

I approach resume design with details of your career to date and what your ‘brand’ brings to an organization that no one else’s does. Something every hiring manager wants to hear!

Contact me for a Free Consultation and we will discuss how a new resume design can help you get the call for an interview for the dream job you deserve.

This service includes a 30–60-minute personal consultation to talk about career direction planning so that the resume can be used repeatedly. We will meet for a 30–60-minute review and edit session when the draft is ready to ensure that your Resume Design and Brand Strategy exceeds your expectation prior to your final resume and cover letter delivery.

A detailed cover letter is also included.

Resume Package – $399
If you find that you need resume editing for a new position and would like me to make a few edits, simply email me the job description and I can do it for you.

Resume editing – $75/hour
Cover Letter only – $75

You will see how your ‘brand’ is defined within your resume design.  You’ll find new confidence, and it will transform your interviewing power.

Please contact me for a Free Consultation.

Professional Interview Coaching

The Art of Successful Employment Interviewing

Successful Interview = Dream Job Offer = Financial Freedom

The interview gets the dream job offer!

What if you knew what it would take to get the dream job offer you’ve been wanting with the financial freedom you’ve always imagined?
Ever wonder why you didn’t get a call back when you thought the interview went so well?

The psychology of interview questioning is successful when met with the psychology of interview answers.

Within your ‘Brand’ strategy we will design the specific answers to the interview questions. You will understand the psychology of the “Question behind the Question” for your industry, no matter the position.

I will help you design the answers specific to that dream job interview. Interview questions that are carefully curated to engage the team of interviewers whether a virtual platform or in-person, the interview is the vehicle to the job of your dreams and the financial future you’re looking for.

Contact me for a Free Consultation and see how much there is to know about The Art of Successful Employment Interviewing.

Land Your Dream Job and Change Your Financial Future.

Your interview coaching will include:

Construction of the Elevator Speech
How to use a P.A.R. Statement 
Voice and Diction, Body Language, and Cultural Demeanor 

$500/monthly rate,
2hours per week ($600 value)

Let’s chat. We can try out a couple of questions and see how you do.

Please contact me for a Free Consultation.

Performance in an interview takes practice. How long it takes a candidate to learn these skills is individual. Above is an affordable way to work together over time that will allow you to ‘perform’ fluidly in the interview. This takes practice and it is my recommendation that you start early and give yourself enough time to practice and memorize what you will learn. 

These services do not guarantee an interview for employment or job placement. 

Career Consulting & Coaching

Discover the Possibilities

Have you ever wondered how a Career Coach could guide you in identifying what more you can do or be in a new career that maps over anything you’ve done in your past career? 

Career mapping is an authentic way to see how many directions a person’s career can take them.

Have you been wondering why you are unhappy with your work, feeling like it’s stagnant, or wondering if you are on the right career path? Do you want to switch industries altogether?
Why aren’t you any closer to your answer?

Career coaching can help to identify a career change, reinvent an existing career, or begin something new. If you’re not sure about your career and what direction you can go with the skills, knowledge, and experience you have, let me show you.

Discover the Possibilities.


Please contact me for a Free Consultation

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