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By Alys Sadler

Today I decided to write a blog. 

It’s the first time for me to put thoughts, feelings and/or information publicly for people to read. This feels like a part of my Road To Change. Anyone can move forward on his or her road to change, even me. 

I started a website…

…to begin a business and I wanted to offer more than employment readiness services and career coaching. I could feel it. I wanted to meet people right where they are, wherever that is, and shepherd them in the discovery of themselves and their latent potential, the Allness of who they are. That could be in life, career, or both. What I know is that we’re affected by our careers in more ways than just money.

Now more than ever before we are considering how we feel about what our jobs are, how and where we do the job, where the job is taking us, and how we feel about what we do – if you are the person who has lost your job, therein lies yet another component to work through. We can see it as a loss or we can redesign our thinking and see it as an opportunity to begin again, in a whole new way. I know you’ve probably heard that a million times – right? But it’s true. 

Sometimes what’s difficult…

…is to believe that we have the ability to change what we don’t want for something we do want. People sometimes stay in the same job/career when moving forward because the past is familiar. It’s comfortable. What we love and hate, at the same time, is change. Change is scary sometimes only because we don’t see what is ahead of us. We don’t have a vision of how it will happen. Well, it requires trust and faith. Trust is the beginning and faith is the follow through. As simple as that sounds, that’s where the work is for each of us. It’s an independent thing, involving no one else, just our self. It’s simple but it’s not easy.

Some call it a paradigm shift…

…some call it thinking outside the box. No matter how you label it it’s the same thing. Gaining a new perspective on old thoughts and beliefs will bring change. Wow, imagine that! New thoughts that create new beliefs that lead us to replace what we don’t want with what we do want. Say yes. Just say Yes to the opportunity. 

Love and Light,

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