Tell A New Story

How does your internal thinking differ from your external thinking? Ever have your gut tell you something then your head gets in the conversation and changes your mind back to the old way – or, talks you out of something new all together?

Do you know a belief is just a thought you think over and over again? Don’t let what you have always thought or what you’ve always done or known keep you from change.

Tell yourself a new story. Tell it over and over again, even if you don’t believe at first, it will become your new belief – oh, and keep practicing. Take a different road next time you travel somewhere and notice, just ask yourself, am I seeing a new road in the same way I saw the old one? Or, can you create a new way of seeing it? Try it! It’s about creating change for yourself and seeing that you can do it.

When it comes to our careers, our money, and our life, where and how we live, and the basis of what supports that, it’s easy to see how our thoughts influence us. Our career life and our personal life are so greatly commingled. 

How important is what we do and how we feel about that? It may be the most important thing that we consider right here, right now in this new way of living we’ve all been exposed to. So, to a great extent we’re faced with change and it truly is the opportunity to create the life we want and change the career pathway that supports that. 

We can choose to believe we can or we can choose to believe we can’t. I’ve heard it said  “either way, you’re right.”

Love and Light,

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