What to Add to the email Subject Line to Reach Out to Potential Employers

If you decide that you’re going to email a potential employer about a position that they have open, be sure to read the job posting first. Sometimes in the job posting it will tell you that they don’t want the candidate to contact them via email or by phone. If it does say that, then honor that note and don’t try to contact them. If it doesn’t then, go ahead. 

In either case, I suggest you firstly check the company’s website to see if you can create an applicant account. They may have correspondence within the candidate’s account to let you know the status of your application. That way if you’re trying to contact them to find out something that you could have found out on your own, it looks better. 

All that being said, if you do find out it’s okay to contact the employer, my suggestion for the subject line is to put the position title in the subject line.

When employers are looking to fill a role within the organization and they know that candidates are going to contact them they want to know which position you’re talking about. They may have several job positions that they’re hiring for, so the subject line helps them to separate emails into files and organize their time for communication, resume reviews or other correspondence. 

Another important point is that when you do decide to send an email, be certain that the content of the email body is saying something that is valuable to them. Then, they’ll be glad to read your email. Don’t be one of those candidates who sends something generic without substance. That could be a disappointment to the employer and influence his view of your candidacy. Make your email strong enough to stand out.  

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