How to Follow up on an Interview if You Forgot to Ask for an email

Not to worry – it happens.

Especially when you are in a panel or group interview and there are multiple people participating in the interview all at once.

If you are in a serial interview,

Whether it’s all in one day or over several days, it’s pretty easy to jot down the interviewer’s information. However, when there are more than one all at once it can be a challenge.

If you are in an interview

using a virtual platform, the names of the interviewers will be at the bottom of the thumbnail view, so you could write their names down when they introduce themselves.

At this point you won’t have their email address, but not to worry.

You can call the company and speak with the receptionist. A receptionist can be a job seekers best way to gain information about most anything. It’s the receptionist who knows everyone in the company and all of their contact information.

Be sure you are friendly with the receptionist when you call – and be genuine. Most people can detect false appreciation, even over the phone.

Let the receptionist know that you were in an interview and the name of the position. Give him/her the date and time of the interview. This simply identifies that you are a genuine caller and not a random person seeking information they’re not entitled to.

Then let him/her know that you were unable to get the contact information from the interview panel/group and you are asking for their email address to send a thank you follow up to the interview.

I know you’ll find the receptionist to be more than helpful with your request. Everyone who has a job has moved through this process and they know exactly what you’re asking – even the receptionist.

So, give a call to the company and ask your questions. It’s easy. Then create a thank you note and send it to each of the interviewers. It’s my suggestion that if you send the email as a blanket email, use the BCC option so that each recipient gets their own email.


If there are only one or two interviewers, you could create a thank you email for each individual person and send them separately. Either of those options is on par.

Love and Light,

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