The More of You

Everyone is unique…

…and it may be that recreating yourself is where you will begin. For others, it’s something else. In any case it begins with self, the innermost part of who we are. So, here we are. At the beginning, a new beginning – a fresh start.

They say it’s all about timing.

For me this is the time. It’s because of you that I’m doing this…and I know if you’re reading this, this is the time for you. Consider the words to a song by Ricki Byars Beckwith, “more than I have been, more than I will be, All that I am.” Your purpose; what is that?

For me this is about anyone…

who is embarking upon a new way of seeing, doing, and being themselves in their life; change and the courage it takes to do that. Life is change. Change is living life.

Are you living your life or are you just moving through it? Are you the More of who you really are?

Love and light,

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