The More of You

There’s a way to begin. Start with being grateful for everything and for nothing.  Look out and where there isn’t something, there is nothing…no thing. There is a no thing you know?  Yet it is something – Invisible Presence. Be grateful. It’s simple.

How about being grateful for your breath? Are you breathing? Imagine if you had to think about and remember to breathe. It breathes us and we don’t even have to think about it. Be grateful. It’s simple.

How about the laws of the Universe like gravity? Were you ever grateful for gravity?  Be grateful. It’s simple.

How about your senses? That may sound as if you’d be thinking unnecessary thoughts however, it’s more than that. It’s a way to move away from other thoughts that may be consuming your thinking mind. Try it. The goal is to be in the nothingness (no thing ness) where no thought takes place.

Listen: What do you hear? There is an inner ear, listen to that. It’s real.

Feel: What do you feel? There is inner wisdom, feel that. It’s real.

That’s the beginning – nothingness. The beginning is where It begins.

Be grateful. It’s simple.

Love and Light,

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