Inner Child

My obsessive thinking is over

The barrier is old, crusty, and broken. I see it all laying around me like dense pieces of old and tattered, dense, discolored clay. It’s broken off of me laying around me on the ground and I see myself stepping out of the rubbish of it. I took a step out and the step itself appeared under my foot. It was my step, intended only for me. I’m free. I allow myself to be free. It’s new. It’s a new way.

I’m slowing down

so that I can listen to my heart and feel the feeling. The feeling of guidance, the discernment, the knowing. I ask, ha! Who knew? We must ask. So, I ask. Then I listen with my heart to know the answers. The answers are the Truth of Me and for me. All I ever had to do was to listen with my heart, my innermost being and believe enough in It – the It I now know as Me, my True Self.

There it is.

I feel the wholeness, the completeness, the un-stuckness. It’s a relief, I don’t have to think it over, obsess, or calculate. I just let go and feel. It requires me to go within, get quiet and listen with my body, my heart, my feelings. It’s intuition, it’s discernment. It’s allowing me to be guided by something bigger than my mind. It is the Universe and the magnificence of It in Me.

It’s the beginning. A fresh start – today, now.

The child I am inside, knowing, listening, learning. My child, Me, knew all along that I was denying Me. Now, I’m letting Me be me, that nurturing, loving, free childlike being that I am. I allow her to be the gift she is. Her gifts, talents, and uniqueness are real. It is the feeling inside.

The outward appearance is genuinity, loyalty and light. It’s confidence, freedom, and simple truth.

It’s easy.

It’s Love.

Love and light,

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