Nature’s Beauty

Ever watch a bug crawl on a picnic table? Where is it going?

Ever lay on a park bench and watch the sunshine through the leaves of a tree or watch the leaves dance in the wind? Or listen to the creek flow downstream, where it’s easy?

Do we ever just listen? Slow down or just stop? Do we feel what we see or hear? Or just see and hear?

 Is it time to go within even with all that goes on around you?

How does it feel… 

…to be around any of those things you’ve seen or heard and feel it from your inner being, not the mind thinking of what the feeling is. Just feel and let your body tell your mind instead of the other way around.

Open up. Let go of the mind and focus on the feeling. It’s restful – it’s saying something to you.

You can even ask – what is my body feeling? It’s telling me something – what is it? 

For me, it’s how good all things are. No matter what it is. It’s good. 

Be grateful and say thank you.

Love and Light,

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