No High School Diploma

I’m the first to say…

…general education is a basic necessity as it applies to the world of work. Such is the high school diploma. Career education may not require a high school diploma for entry. It is specific, short term, and touches mostly on general education as it applies to the career discipline therefore, the high school diploma may not be required for jobs with that type of training.


the high school diploma is a qualification listed on most all job postings. However, in my experience as a professional career coach and employment specialist, when it comes to employer needs right now, I have found that there are exceptions to all rules.

Job postings as a rule require a high school diploma to apply. 

However, I have had clients who do not have a high school diploma and their educational extent is from “On-the-Job” training. I’ve learned that currently, (emphasis on currently) there are those employers who may be pressed to overlook the educational requirement in lieu of the skills, knowledge, and experience of the applicant, including that of a high school diploma.

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