Age 50+ ?? You’re Invaluable

I work with clients every day that are age 50+ 

…who may be reentering the workplace and they’re worried. Worried that they will be competing with younger workers, against college degrees, or having been out of the work environment for a while. Well, worry no more 50-somethings! You meet and beat the competition!

If you are 50+ you are a commodity in a hot job market!

As job candidates graduate from college, they have excelled educationally. However, the little or no work experience that they bring, doesn’t always make them the best candidate for the job from an employer’s perspective.

Employers are screaming for seasoned workers… 

…that bring to the workplace the ability to apply their skills to a particular job. While some job candidates have great education, they don’t necessarily have the skills necessary to hit the ground running with the ability to get the job done. Employers need employees who have skills and can get the job done without spending a lot of time and money on training, mentoring and shepherding a new employee such as they would someone with no real work experience.

I also have clients who are into their 60’s

…and with a tightly woven resume, they get the interviews. While the resume is certainly important for the potential employer to see what the job candidate can bring to the table, and the interview skills meet the expectation of the interviewer/s, the bottom line is, the candidate can do the job – without question. Moreover, when the candidate is “packaged” in the resume, and “performs” well in the interview – it’s a no-brainer. Easily it’s the seasoned, experienced candidate who gets the job offer.

So, 50 and 60 somethings, bring your skills, knowledge, and experience to the applicant table and see how great that “seasoned” label can feel. You’ve earned it, so bask in it – no fear – no hesitation.

Land that Dream Job,

Change Your Life!

Love and light,

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