Return After Lockdown Continued

I have consulted…

…with those who have and who have not remained employed during the pandemic. Many of those who didn’t have a job, cultivated and/or trained for new skills, created businesses, and/or redirected their paths toward something completely new. Many did jobs they didn’t want to do, but they did them anyway. They were productive with the time they did have off and created new routines for themselves. They saw the time off as a way to begin again. 

Consider that. 

A new way to begin again. Employers have figured it out – the paradigm has shifted and flexibility, adaptability and communication is key for everyone to embrace all that is new.

What if you said yes? 

It’s not the forever job, it’s not the forever pay rate. Perhaps the opportunity is for another reason not yet considered? 


When one takes action to get the ball rolling, it picks up energy along the way. Couple that with positivity and you really have something that attracts something more into your journey back to the future.

Give it a try. 

What could it hurt? Maybe you’ve never done it before. Maybe it’s not what you want or the time at which you want it. Now could be the opportunity to try something you’ve never done before. Right now – Yes, right now! 

Just say yes to a new opportunity and see where it takes you because you just never know where the unknown will lead you. It could be great. If you say no, you’ll never know.

If it doesn’t work out. What did you learn? It’s never nothing, it’s always something – and learning is always good.

This is just a way to help you stair step your way back into the workforce. It’s a new day, it’s a new way. Try it on and see if it fits, even if only for a short time.

A reason, a season, or a lifetime? 

You won’t know unless you start. 

Be grateful for the open door to new opportunities – no matter how it looks. Don’t judge it – just say yes with a grateful heart and see what happens. You just never know.  

Gratitude is a feeling. 

It’s your energy. It’s powerful. It’s yours. Use your power through gratitude to empower yourself into something more than you know.

Say yes to the new. Right now.

Love and light,

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