How is the Best Way to Find Job Opportunities

Firstly, I recommend it if you know the type of job you want and if you know the companies that offer that type of job that you look for a job by company or organization. This is a much quicker way to job search than by the title of a job.

If you are looking for a job by title then, when you’re looking at online sites, use different sites. Some sites are paid sites where employers pay to have their jobs posted. Some online sites are search engines that pick up job listings from other sites and put them all onto their site.

You may notice that some jobs say that they’ve been posted for a period of time. Whether that information is written on the posting or not, always go to the company site and see if that job is actually posted under the career tab of that company. See if that job is real, and if it is still posted as an open position. Then you’ll be able to decide if applying to that job interests you since now you know if it is a real job and it is open to applicants.

Other ways to find job opportunities is to network of course. Over 87% of jobs are found through people you know, or people you know who know someone. I suggest you begin with an elevator speech and have it ready.

A good way to network is to do a search online to see where there are job fairs. Check to see if they are virtual or live. That will give you an idea if you have to drive and/or how far. Next, check the companies that will be attending the job fair and identify if there is a company you want to work for. If there isn’t a company where you want to work – don’t spend your time at that job fair. Do your homework, and if there is a company you want to work for – again, check out their website career tab and see what job postings they have open. 

If you don’t know any the companies at that event, then now is the time to research them to see if anyone of them may be one you would want to apply to – check their website/s and see what the company is about and if you align with what they do and how they do it – and of course check the career tab to see what jobs are open.

In case you find a company you want to apply to and there isn’t a job posting for the type of job you are seeking, go to the job fair anyway. When you get a chance to speak with the company’s representative, let them know you checked their website and ask them if the type of position that you are seeking might be open and not posted on their site. 

This tells the representative that you are eager, you did your homework, and you’re serious about working for their company. You’ve just represented yourself as a desirable candidate. Get their contact information so that you can follow up with an email the next day and if it’s a virtual event, attach your resume to that email. By-the-way, you have already met this representative and have had a conversation with him/her so there’s no need for a cover letter at this point.

If you find a job fair that is a live event, follow the same guidelines as for a virtual event. Check out the companies, do the research, then go. But this time, take copies of your resume with you. Take as many copies as there are companies you plan to speak with – one for each – on resume paper!

Be sure to get the business card of the representative that you spoke with so that you can follow up the next day. Remember to do your homework before you go so that you have something to offer the conversation at the job fair. If you go and have nothing to say, you won’t be very memorable. 

It’s important to prepare – do the research – and practice your elevator speech so it’s fluid and impactful.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile! Even if you wear a mask, they’ll see your smiling eyes and feel your energy. The way that representative feels when you walk away is what they will remember, and more than likely, they’ll make a note on your resume to remember you when they get back to the office. 

Follow up within 24 hours and make relative your follow up to the conversation you had at the job fair.

Love and light,

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