How to Talk to Potential Employers on the Phone

You speak with a potential employer over the telephone just like you would speak to them in person. With clarity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Remember, no matter the style of the interview, how friendly or low-key they are, they are not your friend, or your family – you are not having a casual tell-all afternoon. This is a professional business meeting – conduct yourself as such. 

It’s important to know… 

…who you are speaking with and how the telephone call fits into the hiring process. Is it a phone screening for an interview invitation? If so, they are absolutely calling to see if you fit the culture of the organization. 

That being said – side note, 

when you apply for a job it’s imperative to research the company so that you know what they’re about. When that phone screen comes in, you want to impress with the speech that resonates with the company culture. This will get you the interview. 

I talk a lot about voice during an interview, 

and with good reason. Again, if you have a 100% of an opportunity to get a job offer and 40% of that opportunity is about your voice – it’s pretty important to know the way you project yourself, your brand as it is likened to the company, and how that equals to your likeability factor. 

I have found that sometimes candidates don’t understand that the telephone conversation, whether a pre-screening or a real interview, is an important step if it’s included in the interview process – so, don’t discount it. In any case, the telephone is simply another communication device only without a person in front of you – live or virtual. So, the ability to express yourself through your voice becomes even more important.

Remember an important point in interviewing…it’s a performance. 

When the curtain goes up – you’re on. Be it a virtual platform, telephone, text, or in-person. So keep your energy up and make it an enthusiastic experience for the interviewer. They are going to remember how they felt when you hang up the phone – so keep the energy up! 

It is the candidate’s job to control the interview, not the interviewer and you control it with your voice. 

Good luck!

Love and light,

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