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The importance of creating an electronic filing system for email correspondence is equally as valuable as organizing the various companies to which you have applied and documents you have sent, as explained in Part 1.

During job search, you will have electronic correspondence with the companies to which you have applied. It could be automatic responses, emails, attached letters (as in offer letters) onboarding documents or any type of document sent by a company where you have applied.

My first suggestion is to create a new email address. They are free. If it’s available, use your name as the email address. This allows all electronic document transference from every company to which you apply to come to that job search email. This way there is no comingling of email you use for any other communications. Additionally, your name will be in front of the document reader yet another time, as a reminder of who is sending him/her valuable documents.

 A great way to create your filing system works like this:

  1.       Create an electronic folder, like an email folder.
  2.       Title the folder with the NAME OF THE COMPANY.
  3.       Each time you receive correspondence from a company – ALWAYS – put those emails in the folders that have the individual company’s name on it.


If ever you have to retrieve a document sent by an employer you will have the file system set up. You can retrieve the documents and email correspondence from a specific company this way.

Also, if you send emails, file your sent emails in that company’s folder as well. Nothing harder than looking for an email from your sent folder with what could be many other emails you have sent to many other people or places. File everything in its own folder.


  •         If you need dates of applications.
  •         If you need proof of documents, submitted within a specific deadline.
  •         If you need to retrieve a document to resend.
  •         If your documents are required to be sent to multiple departments.

 In addition, for other reasons not listed here.

You can see the importance of creating your file system for your job search efforts. Using a system for tracking, corresponding, and retrieval purposes have proven invaluable to my clients over many years and I’m sure it will benefit your job search organization efforts as well.

 Happy job searching!!

Love and Light,

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