How to Email a Potential Employer

A Letter of Interest is a little different. 

In a Letter of Interest you are asking about something you know of within the company that already exists and may apply to you and you are asking for more information. Let’s say someone told you about a potential job opportunity and you missed it. A Letter of Interest is the way to inquire about whether you could potentially be a fit and are interested in knowing if you are. A keen recruiter or business owner will be able to identify whether you could be a match and speak with you about future possibilities.  

If you are specialized, 

and you know it is a fit, meaning that you fit into a specific niche that aligns with the company, point that out in the letter and the links to your electronic information will show what you can bring to the table. Don’t be surprised if you get an invitation for an interview. Not a job interview – but a possible candidate interview. It’s a way for an employer to explore a potential opportunity. If they don’t have something now, they may have something later.

The important thing to remember…

…is that you are sending an email to a person who probably gets a lot of email. They will look at it because of the subject line  –  very few people know to use this approach. What you don’t want to happen is that it’s so long or wordy and then they close the email and don’t respond.

Keep it short, and to the point. 

Your letter/email should be simple and direct with the electronic links I mentioned above to validate your statements. Again, don’t send a resume and if you don’t have electronic sites set up, then do that first. It will be worth your investment in time to brand yourself for a particular company that you may want to work for before you send them either of these types of correspondence. 

Good Luck!

Love and light,

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