How to Email a Potential Employer

Emailing a potential employer would depend on why. 

The  most professional way, if you’re considering any company as a potential employer, or a business contract partner, is to send them a Letter of Inquiry. There is also a type of letter/email that you can send called a Letter of Interest. These are two different types of letters – or in this case, email. Your Subject line should indicate which type of inquiry you are sending.

Is your interest in the organization or a particular job within the company? Decide that and then write to them about it. Don’t make the email long. Keep it brief and objective.

In a Letter of Inquiry…

 …you are attempting to create something for yourself – possibly a position or a contract opportunity. The letter is about a specific topic e.g. how your qualifications fit into the organization and how you might apply, or, if you are interested in an internship and you want to know if they would support that type of position.

Also, whether it’s a Letter of Inquiry or Letter of Interest, 

be sure to attach any kind of electronic information that you have, like a link to your website and/or a link to your LinkedIn account. Do not send a resume! You’re not asking for a job – you’re inquiring.

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