How To Organize Applications & Resumes

Start by creating job search folders.

Start organizing your documents for job search right when you begin the job search process. It is worth your time to begin now rather than later!

The  filing system you create on your computer is important. This is how you do that for easy reference when the company calls you for an interview. 

Do a File/Save As and create a New Folder and title the folder with the name of that company and save the job description in that folder. 

After you revise your resume…

for that job description, save it in that folder also. Same for the cover letter. You will save your working documents (resume and cover letter) in the same folder and resave each one as a PDF document. Always send your PDF document when applying for a position unless it is otherwise stated in the application instructions.

Each job that you apply for will have its own folder with the name of that company on the folder – with all of the documents that apply to that company in the folder.

This is important…

since when you email or send an electronic document, the thread from where it originates shows up in the URL (address bar). It would be a disservice to yourself if you send a document from one company to another company with a different name. The recipient would be able to see that. Not a good thing for you!

Now, you have your folders created for each company (name) with the documents and the job descriptions of each job in the folders. If you hear back from a company weeks or months later and you need to recall that job description and the documents you sent them, Wahlah!! You have it in a file!


while the job you applied for was some time ago, if an employer reaches out to you – it’s in real time. You may forget about that information, but for them it’s right now, current. So, you’ll want to be able to speak with them about the information you submitted and now you have a way to do that by retrieving your filed documents. Yay! You’ll be so glad you have those documents in a folder with that company name on it for quick and easy access!

Good job!!

Love and light,

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