Imagine – Take the Time

If you allowed yourself time.

What would that look like?

How would it feel?


We all have one, but is it used to imagine all the good we want – want to see, want to have, want to feel?

If you allowed yourself to have time to imagine, would you? Would you imagine all that you could imagine that is good, without allowing negative thoughts to come in? Negativity – Keep Out!!

I’m saying all of this… 

…to say that when I talk with people, they want to imagine the good things, but they hardly allow it. If at all, it’s only a fleeting thought of imagining good things, things they want, want to be, want to have.

If this is you, 

can you allow yourself to imagine? Imagine all those things you want. All those things that feel good to you that you’d like to see happen, or feel, or be, or do, or have. You can. You can imagine and you can allow your imagination to run with all that good that you can muster!

Allow it!

Love and light,

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