Imagine – Take the Time

Give yourself the time.

You deserve your own time. Take the time back from whatever is running your life right now. Take it back and allow yourself your time and imagine, without striking it down with doubtful side thoughts that it could never happen. That is not the assignment. Stay focused, stay on task.

Imagine the good. A Good Life.

All is possible.

Now that you’ve imagined it. You see what it can be, how it can look and what it feels like.

It is possible.


Now, ask for it.

Now, repeat the above. Morning, noon and night.

See how you feel. How you feel will change. It will get better. Believing will get easier.

Soon, things will start showing up. See them. Know you created them from your imagination.

All good.

All possible.

Allow it for yourself.

Love and light,

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