How to Send a Thank You if You Don’t Think You Got the Job


Visualize yourself in that role just like you did when you applied. You know sometimes interviews go great and sometimes they don’t because of what you say, but the bottom line is you know after an interview the first thing that they think about is how they felt when you left. Not about what you said. That comes later.

When you leave, 

the panel members adjourn and one says to the other, well what did you think, and they talk about how they felt and if they liked you. And there it is. They begin talking about how they felt, not about what you said. 

Then they go into their notes and they talk about the technical part of what you said and they reexamine the resume for your qualifications and experience. The interview is about a cultural fit. How many people do you know got a job they didn’t qualify for? But they passed the interview – the “likeability factor”. Right?

Yes, they asked the questions…

about the job and your skills and abilities, then later they combine it all together and come up with a decision. You’re the total package. So, don’t cut yourself short because maybe your answers weren’t great. If you gave a really great interview in terms of the energy that you projected you are definitely in the running. 

You know that’s how you get the job. Out of a hundred percent of an opportunity to get a job offer 50% is the likability factor and 40% of that is your voice. 30% is if they think you want the job and 20% is if they think they can work with you. The other 10% is image and demeanor.

Think about it… 

Forty percent of an opportunity to get a job offer is your voice! That’s a big deal. Your voice is about conveying who you are, which is what the interview is about. It’s about them getting to know you and finding out if you fit the culture of the work environment. 

So, don’t think that you don’t have a job offer coming because you don’t think that you answered the questions well enough. As you can see, it’s not totally about that, it’s about how they felt when you left that interview and if you’re a consideration. 

And, if you had great energy and they felt good, that’s going to be accountable. So, don’t cut yourself out of the race just yet. Give it time and visualize yourself in that role just like you did while you were preparing for the interview. 

It may surprise you, 

so don’t put out the negative thought that you didn’t get the job before you even write the follow up note. Think positive, believe in yourself and who you are and the job you can do for this company. They’re thinking total package and you should too. 

What is yours will not pass you by. 

Love and Light,

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