How to Leave a Professional Voicemail

The truth of it is…

never ever leave a voicemail, and I’ll tell you why. Simply because you will never get a call back. 

You’ve left a message… 

now they can decide if they want to speak with you or not. And, if you’ve already sent them a resume – they have the opportunity to review it and decide from the voicemail if you are a candidate that they want to speak with. The chances of a call back are reduced because of the voicemail. Just hang up and call back! Then you can speak to impress. 

You want to follow up for everything – whether it’s an interview follow up or you’re following up to a resume or an application that you submitted. How long to wait before you follow up? 

The earliest…

is 48-hours but my suggestion is that you wait 5-7 business days. It takes time for the application/resume to filter through HR, then to the interviewer. Some electronic processes with organizations cause the application/resume 48-hrs just to appear on the other side. So give it some time. Also, count the business days from the day you sent the information and be certain you follow up within the days and times suggested below. You can follow up with an email as well using the guidelines I have suggested but keep your inquiry short and objective. 

Now – when is the perfect time to call?

Next week…part 2

Love and light,

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