How to Leave a Professional Voicemail

Now – when is the perfect time to call?

Never call on a Monday or Friday. 

Do call on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

On either of those 3-days, call between 9am and 11am OR 1pm and 3pm. 

Why, you ask? 

Ok, on Friday – it’s Friday and they’re tying up their week, getting ready for the weekend. They’re not going to want to talk to you on Friday to start anything at the end of the week. 

On Monday,  it’s Monday and they’re getting in from the weekend and preparing for their work week. They’re busy and they’re not going to take your call or call you back.

Why those times of the day?

Prime times of day to do your follow up calls are because by 9:00am, they’ve been at work for at least enough time to get their coffee, say good morning to colleagues and look at the day ahead.

After 11am they’re thinking about lunch, so, between 11am and 1pm they’re not going to be thinking about having a conversation that involves a possible commitment. They’re going to be thinking about getting ready for lunch.

In the afternoon – between 1pm and 3pm

 They’re back from lunch and have a couple of hours to be productive. So, this is a good time to call. You’ll have their attention. After 3pm they are getting ready to conclude the day’s work, prepare for the following day, and think about their evening. So don’t call after 3pm if you really want their full attention. 

Good luck!

Love and light,

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