Inner Child

This morning I’m guided to write about my child. My inner child.

I have had a breakthrough

and I’m breaking out now – into this new beginning of me. I’m conscious of Myself. I now have a new way of moving through life. It is with feeling and discernment instead of the mental barriers of thought. Thought so deep into itself it ends up in fear, the stagnation of fear, the confusion of fear. That is what stuck is for me.

I’ve heard that no one is ever stuck. 

So true really. Becoming what we call stuck is really where we face our barriers to freedom. Freedom comes from within. We are all free to be who we really are. Mostly, even if we know who that is we don’t believe it. We stay there, in the mind, thinking that this is the furthest we can go, when that isn’t the truth at all. The truth is we are all so much more.

The Moreness of who we are is inside. 

It’s all there and it seeks to emerge and be Itself, free, as Itself. My breakout has been this realization and recognition of myself inwardly. The biggest fear I faced was my magnificence. I see how extraordinary I am and it’s all inside of me, always has been.

I knew I was special, thinking back. 

And, while I’ve been through that healing process to rediscover myself, I still hadn’t fully allowed Me to be in charge of me. Well, today is the beginning. It has become clear to me what this new beginning means. Funny, it isn’t hard, it’s not rocket science or woo-woo as some might call it. It’s almost unbelievable – ha! Yes, unbelievable it was, or so I thought, until now.

Love and light,

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