It’s the mystery we’re not used to. We plan, we organize, we meet our own expectations, we control. What if we didn’t or even what if we did and we let that go (change your mind) for the thing that’s new, unplanned, unexperienced, or at least unexperienced in this way or at this time, the Now. There it is. The Now.

Embrace it.

No matter what’s showing up. No matter how it looks. Allow the Now experience and see where it leads you.

It feels free. It feels good, unlike anything else.

And guess what? It’s not scary. The past is where we get scared. The past is not real anymore – it’s over – it’s past.

So, don’t remove yourself out of allowing the Now experience. When you allow it you won’t feel scared. You are entering a time of belief. A time of new. Feel it. Allow it. There’s noThing like it – nothing like It. It.

 Love and light,

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