Surrender to yourself and the new possibilities of the pathway before you. It feels like a crown of glory each time. Amazing. That’s what I can say. The experience is so amazing.

It’s that change. It’s my road to change. It found me. It’s genuine, it’s happy. I’m grateful.

Energy, it’s all moving now. I look forward with each step and allow the mystery, the unknown to show me the next steps to what’s even better.

The road to change gets better and better with every step. It’s time. It’s Now. Go ahead, let go.

It’s been a while and I realize it Now. Thank you.

Realizing anything can be astonishing. It can feel like a blast of air hitting you – full force – all at once. Suddenly, you’re awake! It’s incredible, it’s an experience.

It’s singular, individual. Every day is different. Everyday is new. It’s not the same, if I allow the different to just be. It’s something I haven’t planned or thought of.

May I have had a desire I wasn’t aware of? A thought that I brought into my experience? 

Sometimes I don’t realize there was a desire until it shows up and it feels like a pleasurable experience as it opens up, lies before me to choose to allow it, the unknown experience. The answer is – it’s me, I created this. 

Then there’s choice. I can say “no” (and then tell myself to get into my routine – the familiar) then choose to let the new, the experience pass me by.

Let go.

Say yes.

Allow the change to take you somewhere new. A new experience. Go for it.

Love and light,

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