This is about me but it’s for you.

I know not where I go. I know that when I go I have love as the desire and I feel like I’m at the door. I feel a step and I take it, and the ground shows up underneath my feet.

I know it’s the right pathway…

…or else the ground wouldn’t be there – the experience when I arrive on that step, shows up. Although I know it’s true, I trust it, I know I’m experiencing it, yet to my (maybe it’s amazement, maybe it’s a surprise?) Otherwise, why would it be, I ask? And, then there’s another experience. The experiences show up for me. Something to realize, a lesson, maybe a material object, or another step to take. 

I accept the Now…

… of the experience with great gratitude. I choose belief, then another step comes, I feel it. I take it and another miracle happens, then I’m shown another step. I take the step and the ground, once again, fills the space underneath my feet to support me in the new, the Now. That spot in time and in the moment’s experience.

Wow! This is my experience in moving on. Moving forward, trusting, listening, feeling.

Certainly, it takes focus. Let not the naySayers get in the way. Even the ones in the mind. Shut them down. Don’t think. Just trust and focus, step forward.

Love and light,

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