Intention 2022

It’s a New Year!

What do you intend?

Beauty ?

Well-being ?

Prosperity ?

Happiness ?

Beauty: Seeing all things from an inner place. Seeing with the inner eyes, the heart, these things of beauty. Look around. What do you look at? Think about it – how do you see it? Intend to see the beauty – in All.

Well-being: The wellness emotionally, psychologically, relationally, physically…know the wellness of wholeness. Choose it.

Prosperity: Large or small, grateful for it All.

Happiness: A choice. Hear with the inner ear all the sounds. Count how many there are. It will require silence of mind to hear with the inner ear. It’s joyful to listen – the joy inside brings happiness on the outside.

Set your intention for this new year. What will be your choices?

Inner first – and the outer will show up.

Love and light,


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