Should You Always Answer the Phone for a Potential Employer?

Yes! Is the answer.

When a potential employer calls you, answer the phone. Even if you are not in an ideal place to speak with them, answer anyway.

Take a minute to let them tell you why they are calling. If it is because they saw your resume online, or if they are responding to your application or maybe they saw your LinkedIn profile and decided to call you (if you have your phone number listed) or maybe they want to let you know they are sending over a job offer.

At that point…

…it is important for you to thank him/her for calling. Thank them for calling you and now let them know that you are not in an ideal place to have a business conversation, and you want to speak with them.

If it is to let you know they are sending you a job offer, that call is quick, so you may be able to step out and take the call, or maybe you do have to return his/her call.

If the call is not to tell you they are sending you a job offer, ask them if they are available later that afternoon (or the soonest you can get to that call). You will have to think on your feet here. Suggest the call back when you know you are available and in a private place to talk.

Time is of the essence.

The sooner you can return the call the better. Remember, you are on his/her mind right now and they are ready to find out more about you. Putting him/her first is a very positive sign.

Be friendly.

Remember these numbers:

Getting a job offer after an interview depends highly on these things:

  •   40% is your voice.
  •   30% is if the potential employer thinks you want the job.
  •   20% is if the potential employer thinks that they can   work with you.
  •   5% is demeanor.
  •   5% is image.

In this case, they may not see how you look, but very little at this point is riding on image. This may be a telephone screening perhaps to invite you to an interview, but none-the-less it could be part of an interview.

Now is the time to turn on your performance self. Be upbeat and positive. Use statements that show you can be objective and professional in an unexpected situation.

Schedule the follow up call and be on time.

This is a great opportunity. Embrace it! Take the call and see where it takes you. Not taking the call will for certain take you nowhere, so, answer the call.

Good luck!

Love and light, 

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