Modern Resumes: Just The Facts

How modern do you need a resume to be? Certainly, we all know that your resume depicts what you can do for a company in a particular role and your credibility based on where you’ve done that before and/or your educational background.

Resumes were changing just a couple of years ago to include formatting differences to be able to transmit through a robotic type of reader called an Applicant Tracking System. Up to 75% of resumes never reached a human being because they didn’t make it through the ATS system. Employers found that they were missing out on many qualified candidates due to resumes not written or formatted to make it through.

Times are changing. Resume submissions are changing – yet again. The modern resume while it is also a written document, the document has taken on a more personal style. If you saw the movie Legally Blonde – the writers of the movie weren’t that far off when at one point Elle (played by Reese Witherspoon) made a video of herself, while standing in a swimming pool in a bikini, to send to the admissions panel for entry into Harvard Law School. It was her personal resume.

I’m not saying that employment candidates will be wearing bikinis to create their personal resumes, but video resumes are not just in the movies anymore. That’s where we are now! We are looking at personal resumes of an employment candidate speaking to a potential employer via a performance of their verbal resume. Whoa!! Who knew??

Are you ready? This is the age of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Chat Bots. If you are preparing for a career move whether it’s for change or advancement, and you’re considering preparing yourself to compete for that sweet job you know about in the company of your dreams, this is how you’ll get noticed. Where preparation and opportunity meet is the crossroad called Success! 

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