What Can You Do?

What can you do? Have you ever thought about how many things you know how to do and how transferable the things you know how to do are? Many times I talk with people about the kind of work they’ve experienced in their work life. It always surprises me when they don’t see how so many of the things they know and know how to do, not only from within their career, but what they carry in their toolbox of knowledge, that they don’t equate to a new career pathway.

There’s probably nothing more exciting for me when I see a client recognize their skills from an augmented perspective. So many things we as humans are capable of doing yet, we only see the road straight in front of us. What if we saw our unlimited potential taking a turn off the road we’re on to discover what may be down the road to the left or to the right?

We take for granted sometimes what we know and don’t relate it to skills, knowledge or experience that would apply to a career field simply because we think we haven’t used it in an employment position. Think about all the things you know how to do that you’ve never done before in a job and see how much more you have to offer an employer who has an opening for the job you’ve dreamed of doing but, you thought you weren’t qualified or couldn’t do.

I see it all the time. People are amazing and have so many talents and abilities that they don’t recognize transfer to industry. So, next time you do something phenomenal, think about the possibility…think a new thought…a change…think… phenomenal and transferable.

Love and light,

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