We are love at our core (our soul). Our breath – our beating heart – our smiling face.

Love flows freely – love is intended to be easy – flowing through us – seeking to be all that it is through us.

External conditions as in social domestication press the human emotion. Coupled with societal, peer, familial, cultural and religious traditions we’re influenced from the external and our core stays silently inside wanting to express who it really is, as us, through us and we don’t allow.

Is it fear – shame – confusion – emotional chaos – uncertainty?

I think so.

Love is easy – that’s real.

Genuine love is a feeling deep in the core of who we are. We can allow our soul to open to its truth.

Are you strong enough to be the love you are? The love you seek?

Truth in the love you are feels free like freedom, joy, laughter and peace. 

Yes, allowing yourself to be the love that you are in your core, the inner you. The feeling? Freedom – ease. Plain and simple. 

Want peace – freedom?

Don’t be afraid to be the love that you are.

 Love and light,

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