The purpose we serve – ever wonder why you’re here? I just had this thought today so I thought I’d write about it. I’ve thought it many times within my life, so far, and the question arises for me – do we have many purposes as we move through stages in our lives?

I believe that love should be easy and life should be fun. If we free ourselves from drama and self-inflicted mental bondage it can be so. Therein lies the work.

My thoughts are that we have 2-parts to our journey. One is our purpose and the other is, being the life we live. For me my purpose has been mostly about my career field although not solely. Along the way I know there were periods of life that were on purpose and it was absolutely not within my career arena. 

There’s a way to tell if you’re serving your purpose in your here and now. Do you feel on purpose? Just ask yourself – am I on purpose? Is how I feel purposeful for me? Is there a reciprocal feeling that when you give it out you’re getting back? Not from another but from yourself, inwardly? Ask yourself: Is there something I feel like I need to do? Maybe you feel that way and don’t know how or where to start – a purpose you are here to serve and haven’t found it yet…

It is about you – how does it feel? If it feeds your soul, beats your heart, floats your boat, you can’t wait to wake up and do it again and again – then you know you’re on purpose. If not, then you’re probably not. Rethink what you’re doing.

Purpose can be the work in you’re here and now – personal or professional. Allow your purpose to flow through you – you’ll see. It will be easy and it will feel good. Again, if it doesn’t flow then it’s not your purpose, it’s time to rethink it – time to consider a change.

Serving our purpose, living the experience of life = the journey. We’re Spirit beings having a human experience. “as above so below” – that feeling is a great feeling to live!

Love and light,

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