The Water’s Journey

The water’s journey, isn’t it like our journey? It could be if we let it. It moves, it travels, it doesn’t know where it’s going and yet it is always guided. At times it goes outside of its guidelines, the boundaries set forth – what happens?

Sometimes awareness, sometimes (what we call disaster) – a tower moment – resulting in the experience of a new territory, a new place, and a new day – recognize it, explore it, acknowledge the realization.

The water either rescinds to its original flow of guidance or continues in a new way – a new direction – and always forward – no going back, always moving forward. The moments, they’re always forward, even if it seems like it’s two steps forward, one step back – it’s still movement forward. It’s part of the process.

Aren’t we just like the water that flows? If we let go, so is the flow, easy. Allow, release, and let go. Songwriter, Karen Drucker, wrote a song titled “Let go of the Shore,” that has a line saying “let go of the shore, float into the mystery.” So true, letting go can feel like a mystery. No plan, just inner guidance. Can you feel it?

We are, so trust. It may feel like a mystery, but it’s not. Trust in new – trust in forward.  No matter how it looks. If it feels like you’re going out of the boundaries of the past, let go.

Allow the new. Experience the growth of you in a new way.

It’s life. Live it.

Love and Light

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