What Now? If I Don’t Have my Potential Employer Email to Follow up?

Ughh! We’ve all done it – right? 

Okay so what can you do after you’ve had an interview and you want to follow up from the interview to thank the potential employer for their time and the information that they provided you but, you don’t have their email address? 

My suggestion is…

…that you call the company and talk to the receptionist! The receptionist is the person who knows everything about everyone. That is her job. She knows everybody’s name, she knows their email address, she knows their phone number, their personal extension number, she even has a record of you having an interview at a specific time with the people that you had the interview with!

So call the company and talk to the receptionist. Tell her what your name is and when your interview was and who you interviewed with. Let her know that you want to follow up with a post interview thank you and that you would appreciate it if she could give you that person or persons email address/es. He/she will be happy to do that. Remember he/she was looking for a job when he/she got that one and they may have done the same thing. Most of us have!

You could initiate a small conversation and ask him/her how long they’ve worked for the company. People like to talk about themselves, so relax, go ahead and initiate that opportunity. Most receptionists are really pretty cooperative when you befriend him/her and using that “I’m interested in your story” tone of voice, it usually elicits a kind and helpful response to your inquiry. 

Soon you’ll have the information and you’ll be able to send the follow up/thank you email that you want to send. A post interview follow up should be simple and to the point reiterating your interest in the position (state the name of the position) and the value added point of why you’re the best candidate.

Good luck!

Love and light,

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