What Percentage of all Jobs are Advertised?

The hidden job market…

An article published on the subject of the percentage of jobs advertised “What Is the Percentage of Jobs Advertised.” The Biggest Job Search Myth, Debunked, Jennifer Paris, www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/biggest-job-search-myth-debunked/ sites that not only is the myth of a hidden job market non-existent, the myth is over 40-years old. 

The article also states that a more recent study done in 2014 found that people who were hired between 2011-2013 were hired within the following categories:

  • Referrals: 24%
  • Career site: 17%
  • Job boards: 18%
  • Direct Source: 9% (e.g., contacted through LinkedIn or already have your resume on file)
  • 3rd party: 4%
  • Others: 20% (temp-to-hire, rehires, etc.)

Certainly, if you know someone who knows of a job opening, it may be prior to the employer posting the job announcement. Of course, get the information including the department manager’s name and apply for the job and direct your correspondence to that manager. 

The hidden job market myth is about someone who knew someone who knew about a job opening before it was advertised. 

It’s not hidden at all – you just heard about it first.


Don’t wait! 

Apply now!

And, remember to follow up. 

Love and Light,

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