What to say to Potential Employers on the Phone

When deciding to call a potential employer on the telephone, know the questions you want to ask. This could be thought of as an informational interview. 

What do you want to know that would prompt you to make a cold call? During an informational interview typically you would call the Human Resource Department of the company. 

Before you make that call you will need to decide what you want to know and from whom it would be that has that information e.g. department head, department manager, etc…

Are you looking for information about a career direction, want to know more about a particular career field, or a specific job within the company? 

The purpose of an informational interview…

… is to speak with someone who can give insight into any of those areas above and more. Make a list of questions. I recommend six to ten. I also suggest that you use LinkedIn to research the company you are going to call and see who works there. This way when you call the Human Resources Department you can ask questions regarding that particular person in that particular department, if you find them on LinkedIn.

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