What Percentage of all Jobs are Advertised?

What Percentage of all Jobs are Advertised? Part 1 of a 2 part series

By Alys Sadler


compared to times past, with the Internet, social media, and sites like LinkedIn the question is – is there a hidden job market? The answer? There never really was one. 

The more important question is… 

…how many jobs are advertised that are not real jobs? And, you may have  applied for one. If that happens to be the case, you’ll never hear back from your application.

When you find a job announcement that is interesting to you, research it before you begin the resume update process. Find the company’s website and click on the “Career” tab. 

Look for the job announcement on the company’s career page of their website and be certain it’s a real job – and – a real company. There have been times when working with a client, I’ve researched a company and found there was not such a company for the job to which they were expecting to apply. It’s true, it does happen. 

There are jobs found on Internet search engine sites that are not real and you’ll only know for sure if you check the company’s website. 

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